Saturday, February 6, 2016

365 days of izo - day 332 - before our adventure

Visited Maya's current favourite museum and then hit up a trail. This girl loves napping against her papa's chest and slept a good 45 minutes this afternoon in her Ergo while we enjoyed todays stunning weather.

365 days of izo - day 331 - the passage of time

As I was saying, things are moving at a warped speed.

365 days of izo - day 330 - eating mama's face

I got the afternoon to myself while Izo spent time at my parents. This was her first time spending the day with them without me. It was wonderful. It's been a gift to love this baby endlessly ever since she got here. But it also meant that I hit the wall this past week and I hit it hard. Thanks to my parents for coming to the rescue and helping me get the rest I needed.

365 days of izo - day 329 - her face

365 days of izo - day 328 - the week of migraines

I have already put this week behind me. Simply awful.

365 days of izo - day 327 - three little monkeys

Picked up Maya a new lunch box for school now that shes going full days and new booties for Izo. 
And I could live in this store because it smells heavenly.

365 days of izo - day 326 - winter park hangs with papa

While I spent the day in bed with an awful migraine.