Friday, October 9, 2015

365 days of izo - day 212 - back from running errands with papa while mama enjoys a few moments of silence at home

Alternate title: they bought me wine

365 days of izo - day 211 - running wild in the forest

365 days of izo - day 210 - chubbo in a bumbo

I bought the bumbo with a play tray believing it would make my life easier. But sadly this is not a purchase I'm happy with. Getting Izo in and out of the bumbo with the tray attached is incredibly difficult. Am I doing something wrong here? Or does bumbo hate me? Is there a way to take the tray off easily? Seems kind of ridiculous that it doesn't come off so I can easily put her in and then snap it back on.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

365 days of izo - day 209 - "helping" joshua finish his puzzle

When Maya got home from school I told her Izo had a play date to which she responded with "A PLAY date? omg that is so cute mama!". haha it was, it really was!

365 days of izo - day 208 - swaddled

Sunday, October 4, 2015

365 days of izo - day 207 - apple picking day

I'm rocking a serious case of tonsillitis, so a day of rest, good food and time outside in the sun is just what I desperately needed. We explored the sweetest little biodynamic farm in Embrun - Ferme Dagenais. There's Apple picking, lots of happy farm animals, a play area and a health food store. A pretty great place to visit on a stunning day like today. We'll be coming back here soon.

*all photo's were taken on frankie's cell phone

365 days of izo - day 206 - another "crap we didn't get her photo of the day" photo

Also this is my 1000th entry on this blogitty blog.