Sunday, November 29, 2015

365 days of izo - day 263 - paradise regained

December is a crazy month for our family and we found ourselves wishing this month away, stressing out about the billion things we need to get done, so we headed for a walk in the forest, chased each other around, explored, climbed, laughed, hugged, kissed and regained our inner paradise. Bring it on December.

365 days of izo - day 262 - saturday afternoon hangs at nana and frampie's farm

365 days of izo - day 261 - post-nap hugs

She wakes up to so much love.

365 days of izo - day 260 - her favourite song

365 days of izo - day 259 - school pick-up and lunch

I took a moment today to meditate on every last detail of our school pick-up/drop-off. Dropping Maya off, helping her take off her winter gear and put on her booties, Izo having breakfast/nursing in the hall while Maya heads into class. And then picking up Maya with chocolate milk from Tim Hortons and Izo having lunch in the yard while all the kids run around her playing. And of course my absolutely favourite part, the girls laughing hysterically in the back seat as we drive home. Because being away from each other for 4 hours is a long time for these two.

365 days of izo - day 258 - because I occasionally forget I'm doing a 365 project and sneak in after she's asleep

365 days of izo - day 257 - izo, mid tickles

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if our children could feel all our love all at once, during moments of sadness? It's oh so wonderful and a bit scary to think that in the blink of an eye this baby of mine will be off into the world living her life. Boldly go, tiny one.